Disturbing details have emerged regarding the people who were financially damaged when Mike Hinsvark and Chris Delfino formed Virtual Financial, and you’ll be SHOCKED to see who the victims were! Read what happened here.

UPDATE : Virtual Financial is deceiving members by “Masking”  Details Here.

  Mike Hinsvark responds to video below: See what he said here.


CAUTION: It’s now been confirmed that more top leaders have quit Virtual Financial after 2 years of hard work, persistence and dedication…but with hardly any positive income to show for it. When the cream rises to the top, but then jumps ship after seeing almost no compensation for their efforts, there can be no growth…especially with the massive chargeback ratio that exists. Don’t believe the hype and beware of the damage-control review sites they’re promoting that offer nothing more than canned rah-rah and zero substance. Here you will be given the unadulterated TRUTH along with resources to verify. This is done solely to help WARN other agents and consumers.

CURRENT STATE OF VFG: As more people become disgruntled with the mismanaged debacle that is VFG, the company has desperately added a new wrinkle in hopes of stopping the bleeding, since they’re badly losing the war of member attrition. Perhaps some of you remember that back in the early 90’s there was a long-distance telephone campaign by MCI called the “friends and family” plan that was later discontinued because in retrospect, was a dismal failure.

 I can’t help but flash back to that after seeing VFG’s latest ploy in trying to keep their sinking ship afloat. They actually believe that their silly new character reference script is going to turn the tide. On a side note, it was in April of 2014 that Chris Delfino proclaimed that the Virtual Convention held in 2015 would be honoring many agents in the company for making solid 6-figure (and on their way to 7-figure) incomes with VFG. For example, there’s…..who? …Well?……Anyone?    ♪♫ Crickets ♫♪

In fact, they have become so desperate, that they are now artificially inflating the numbers for their CEO Club, despite the fact that many are at ZERO in the collective earnings category….let that one sink in for a moment, but don’t expect them to remove any of the photos of those who finally woke up and got out, as that will give the appearance that things are diminishing, and it’s in their self-serving interest to keep misleading people by showing the illusion of growth.

Although don’t fear, the character reference letter is here….and that is what’s going to put VFG over the top, people. You can’t make this stuff up. Just don’t let them fool you with their semantics. Yes, World Financial Group is a successful company that they’re trying to piggy-back off of as a co-brand. They’ll boast about how much business WFG writes, but they won’t dare specify what’s been written inside of VFG. “Why”, you ask? Because that would only lead to their humiliation and embarrassment.

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Virtual Financial Group began operations on July 17th, 2013. Many obstacles prevented the company from doing much that year, and after several months of stagnation they held their official “Virtual” launch on April 8th, 2014.

What once looked like a very promising opportunity ended up as an exercise in futility after spending well over a year in the trenches.

So if you’re performing your due diligence on this company, consider this:

The following details provide the statistical results experienced by the top rising star in the company and not some wet-behind-the-ears neophyte.

Take a look at the following progress chart.



You’ll notice the peak month was in July of 2014. This was after several months of recruiting at which point in time this particular sales organization consisted of approximately 140 licensed agents.

Notice how things dipped in August, before “crashing and burning” into negative territory in September and October.

There are 4 main reasons for this:

#1. Massive amount of chargebacks

#2. Non-Duplicable Business Model

#3. Lack of Consumer trust

#4. Delays on advanced commissions (up to 6 months)

Those four key points are a recipe for disaster and are consistent with the inundation of chargebacks and mass member attrition that take place within Virtual Financial Group.

It’s never pleasant when you have “undisclosed fees” that get deducted from your commissions. Because of the already high attrition rate within Virtual Financial Group, nobody is going to be eager to tell you about these “hidden extras” that come out of your pocket.

For example, here’s one of the dirty little secrets that nobody ever seems to talk about, since it would be “discouraging” to new members who come on board.

So allow me to let you in on it…

As you are likely aware, there is a $100.00 AMA(Associate Member Application) fee, charged to process the application for each new member who comes on board. While this fee is completely unnecessary, what’s even more disturbing is when a new member pays the fee, but then gets “buyer’s remorse”, the company will refund their money, which is all well and good right?…the only problem there is that they turn around and punish that person’s sponsor for that $100 fee they just refunded by deducting it from their balance.

So when you sign someone up, if they change their mind a month later and decide to get their money back….it comes out of YOUR pocket.

The following screenshot shows what this greedy, unscrupulous tactic looks like in the members area when they deduct this money from your commissions:

If you’ve had an experience with VFG (i.e., Virtual Financial) that you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comments below.